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While frame selection is vital, the lenses are even more critical.  Again, our staff will assist you in determining which lenses, whether plastic, polycarbonate, hi-index, transitions, etc., are best for your needs.  We even carry the newest digital lenses for the clearest vision!


We pride ourselves on making the lenses exactly to your prescription, as well as properly adjusting your glasses to fit you comfortably. Each pair of glasses is personally verified by one of our opticians.


Here at Forest Family Eye Care we offer a complete range of eyewear.  Whether you want plastic, metal, wide temples, narrow temples, titanium, casual or dressy, we have several hundreds to choose  from.  We have everything from a stylish budget selection to the latest designer styles, including BCBG Maxaria, Jessica McClintock, IZOD, Adidas, Columbia, Silhouette, Nina Ricci, OP, and more.  You are sure to find glasses that look great and fit you perfectly.  We will guide you through the entire process to find the proper fit and shape that matches and compliments your facial features.

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Contact Lenses

At Forest Family Eye Care, only the doctor conducts the contact lens fitting because of the value we place on a proper fit.  At minimum, an improper fit leads to discomfort. At worst, a poor fit can cause infection and possible loss of vision, or even blindness.  That being said, our doctor customizes the contact lens to the patient, utilizing a wide variety of lenses, rather than using the one-lens-fits-all philosophy.


We have all types of contacts available to fit your wearing schedule, including daily, 2-week, and monthly disposable lenses.  We fit the simple to the difficult, including contact lenses for astigmatism. We feel fitting bifocal contacts is our niche, with a much higher success rate than the national average of 50%. Call us today for an appointment

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Safety, Sport, and Sunglasses

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Safety Glasses

We're a go-to supplier of safety glasses for many professional companies in the area. But we also offer safety glasses for sport and work. From wrap style sun shades to kids' goggles with foam inserts, we're sure to have a style to meet your needs. Our frames meet ANSI standards with industrial polycarbonate lenses. We can even do transitional sunglass tint, or special tint for hunting and fishing. Let us customize your pair of safety glasses!


We have many different styles to choose from, including men's, women's, and children's! We have a wide selection of polarized lenses to meet a variety of your outdoor needs; from sports, to fishing, to lounging at the beach. You can purchase our sunglasses off the shelf, or get your customized prescription added to the lenses. With extremely competitive pricing, we usually meet or beat the sunglass houses and internet prices!  You may even be able to use your vision insurance to help cover the cost.

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