Fill out your medical history prior to your appointment!

What is Expected/Required For Your Eye Exam During COVID-19 at Forest Family Eye Care


  1. Prior to your visit, we ask that you complete the online medical history information requested through email sent by the office prior to your exam.

  2. All patients must bring and wear a face mask while in the office for the exam. Patients who do not have a mask can purchase one from us for $0.50.

  3. Between patients, the exam rooms, equipment, and handheld tools will be sanitized with alcohol. During the exam the doctor will attempt to limit close contact as much as possible. We will also be offering discounted retinal screening testing in order to speed up retinal examination.


Existing patients, please use this feature to let us know if there has been any change in your medical history. Your password is your hyphenated SSN, ex. 123-45-6789. If this doesn't work, just use the "New Patient Page".

New Patients click the "New Patient Page".

Medications and allergies will be noted at the time of service.